About Us

The Team

We are a collective of designers and developers. We work hr and with devotion to bring your ideas into fruition without compromise. In addition, our team is an amazing bunch that includes internet people, geeks, moms, artists, book readers, gamers, travelers, volunteers, cat lovers and friends.

The Company

This company was set up to answer the needs of the market – high-quality, beautiful and affordable websites for small-medium businesses. Nowadays, any business needs a website. Some need something as simple as a landing page, while others require more sophisticated solutions. Due to different needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of services for any sort of business. With us you can be sure you will get the best quality for a reasonable price.

The Goal

Our goals are far reaching, from advancing the modern web (by building beautiful and affordable experiences), to giving our employees a productive environment to work in. We are supporters of diversity, work/life balance, the open web, libre software and wish to spread these values further.